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Tourism Safety InitiativeTSI

February 2, 2016


An initiative of the TBCSA The purpose of this document is to provide decision-makers within the tourism industry with an overview of the tourism risks that materialised during 2015 (compared to 2014), and making projections as to what may be expected in 2016.  

January 29, 2016

How Safe Is Your Hotel?

As Bill Stanton threw an iPod, laptop and camera into a bag, said goodbye to the maid cleaning the hotel room and strolled toward the exit, only one thing was wrong: none of the possessions were his.   Stanton boldly robbed the most valuable things from someone else’s hotel room in broad daylight. Fortunately for

January 29, 2016

TSI Alert: Fraudulent Activity

It has come to our attention that there is a syndicate at work with the following Modus Operandi (we quote the report received from the relevant establishment):   “The guest’s name was Luc. The person who booked for him is a Steven Pierre. The booking comes with card details via The guest arrived at

January 14, 2016

SABRIC 2015 Card Fraud Booklet


November 19, 2015

Beware of Rip currents

Message from NSRI: Beware of Rip Currents: (National Sea Rescue Institute) Rip currents claim the lives of many people each year. Below is a description of how to spot them and what to do when caught in one. Read more on how to escape or avoid them here:    

October 15, 2015

Fake Booking Websites – how you can fight back

On isolated occasions, misplacing a guest’s reservation can happen, but hotels take mistakes such as these very seriously. It’s a different matter entirely when a guest arrives at a hotel having booked a room at a rate that is not being offered by the hotel, with a third-party site that cannot be verified. Fake booking

October 8, 2015

Preventing ATM, Card and Cheque Fraud…

SABRIC   SABRIC keeps you informed about the latest banking scams and fraudster activity to make sure that you don’t end up as a statistic. For more information please visit their website: Articles:

September 29, 2015

Can you afford to pay for the hire car you just crashed?

SOUTH AFRICA, GAUTENG, 25 SEPTEMBER 2015 Negligence when driving any self-propelled machine can be costly, albeit with your life, your dog, your neighbour’s dog, your wallet, your reputation, but negligent driving when it comes to your hire car is going to cost you, most likely more than you can afford. Negligence means failure to take

August 28, 2015

Guard against follow home robberies

Guidelines for Tourism Locations to Guard against Follow-home Robberies Always make use of a reliable and reputable transfer/shuttle service. Also ensure the transfer/shuttle service provider is aware of the possibility that they might be followed on their way to the hotel. They should therefore be on the lookout for any suspicious vehicles and let you

August 11, 2015

5 ATM Scams & How To Avoid Them

Your ATM card is one of the quickest ways a thief can commit identity theft – and wipe out your bank account! It is particularly traumatic for tourists who may be far from home and family support. Here are some of the most common types of ATM scams:   1. Skimmer – This scam involves

Two sides of the shieldServices

  • Prevention and Risk Management Based on information gathered, the trends can be noted and more information provided to the TSI portal. This will ensure we provide a service of success in preventing criminal trends in the tourism industry. The TSI will provide knowledge and insight on best practice to mitigate against tourist and tourism business crime.
  • Incident Management Our aim is to get as many incidents as possible reported to the TSI portal. This information will assist us to provide the police with information to prosecute those who are involved in crimes against tourists and tourism businesses. The TSI will also assist in supporting the victims of such crimes.